Fuchs Academy  

   The Fuchs Academy

Austria's only Moving Academy

As early as 2003, the two founding fathers of Spedition Fuchs, Mr. KR Heinrich Klimetschek and Mr. Hannes Fuchs, founded the company's own Fuchs Academy. This academy provides top education and training to both its existing employees and new staff members, always striving for excellence and quality.

The future's challenge to play a leading role on the European market of moving companies means that Spedition Fuchs continuously expand its qualifications and capabilities and strive for new, high-flying goals. The personal growth of all its staff members and of all those involved in the core processes is of utmost importance for the Fuchs Company and its treasured customers. This company is a place for service-oriented, career-minded and entrepreneurial people, who are given plenty of room to develop.
In the following subjects, for instance, diploma exams are held:
  • Specialist administrative exam (9 thematic focuses)
  • Specialist practical exam (38 thematic focuses)
  • Master plan:
    Mission, vision, strategies, purpose, rules of the game,
    plans, programs, Instructions
  • Business philosophy of Spedition Fuchs
  • Statistics in one's own professional field
    (application, analysis, collection of data)
  • Statistics in the entire company
    (application, analysis, collection of data)
  • Total Quality Management
  • "Striving for Excellence" (5-pillar-model)
  • Quality management of Spedition Fuchs
  • Time management and communication
In addition, special training is provided, for instance in the following fields in order to guarantee safety and competence for our customers:
  • Heavy duty transportation
  • Art transportation
  • IT & telecommunication
  • Packing materials

since 2003


   Geschulte Mitarbeiter
It is a unique feature of our company that we dispose of a team of specially trained special-task experts within our group of workers that are particularly trained for the transport of machines - an initiative of our company that originated many years ago. This team of experts is familiar with all the different packing materials specifically designed for the packing of EDP equipment and is trained in the handling of special tools such as air bags, cranes, patented tools and heavy equipment skids.

For more information on our trained personnel and special teams please refer to
"Fuchs Academy"

Well trained personnel guarantees your success!


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