Business relocations  
   Waste disposal

You are about to move and you realize that there is a lot that could be disposed of?

No matter whether it is furniture, IT equipment, metal or documents subject to privacy law - we can offer you the right solution for your disposal problem. We transport all the marked goods to our ISO-certified waste disposal partner who will take charge of environmentally friendly waste disposal or the reliable and thorough destruction of files.

   Documentation of waste disposal

Furnishing proof of correct waste disposal represents an essential part of proper waste disposal. There are an enormous variety of legal stipulations relating to the disposal of various existing and possibly recyclable substances or goods, but also to the destruction of various sorts of documents. For the purpose of offering you expert waste disposal in accordance with the legal stipulations, we transport all those of your goods that are marked for disposal to our ISO-certified waste disposal partner and subsequently you will receive any documentation of the effected waste disposal that you might need.

Simple and safe, simply Fuchs.

   File destruction

What to do with this mountain of files after the period of compulsory record keeping has expired?
Of course you don't have to carry out the destruction of your files and the paper contained therein yourself - let us do this for you, and it is understood that we will also take care of providing the required documentation of waste disposal. After you have marked the files accordingly and established a concept of waste disposal, your documents can be properly disposed of by our specialized team. A truly special service with no additional effort for your company:

Our team gives advice, establishes a concept for a disposal system especially tailored for your needs and independently carries out the task.

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