Private relocations  

A maximum of safety is the best prerequisite for a damage-free relocation.

For this reason our company has set up its own research and development department in the field of packing materials. This might sound a bit "over the top", but that's exactly what our numerous regular customers are counting on, when it comes to transporting their goods from A to B. We have therefore developed a wide range of corner and edge protection measures and we also rely on high-tech materials to provide optimum protection for the most varied goods to be able to transport and store them safely and free of damage. This is the very thing that enables us to protect your goods properly but for us it is just part of the service.

   Packing material

From files via glasses to furniture - for each category of transported goods there is an optimal form of packaging.

No matter whether you need moving boxes, special corner protection or file containers: we have the proper packing material for you and your goods in stock. Adequate preparation of the goods before they are packed is of utmost importance when planning a move. It saves not only a lot of time but also a lot of trouble and annoyance if you order in advance a sufficient quantity of cartons and padding material - it will certainly be worth it!

Special goods require special packaging
Due to their vast experience, our team has developed very special packing materials so that we are able to offer you maximum protection for the goods you want to move. Especially when it comes to delicate goods such as IT equipment (from the smallest units to entire server centers), heavy or over-sized goods or goods that are simply hard to handle, our company has the right packing material.

Saving time with packing material?
As you probably know, packing is extremely time-consuming. Now imagine you always have the adequate means and materials at hand, and for the first time ever you don't have to "make up" suitable solutions for packing your furniture or other items and, in addition, you have the assistance of specially trained people - now, wouldn't that save a lot of time, and therefore money?

The Fuchs packing offer
When you move, we do 100% of the packing and unpacking for you, thus helping you to save not only time, but also trouble and money. We set up an exact packing list for you to ensure that 100% insurance coverage is guaranteed for the goods you are moving. It goes without saying that our employees will also take care of the proper labeling of all the things they pack. Our specially trained employees pack all your things in the best possible way for moving them safely and, of course, they also unpack them with the same diligence and care.

Rely on our experts
and save time and money.

Ask our team, we have the appropriate packing material for each and every need.


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