History: Development of Fuchs Relocations

For many years, Fuchs has stood for relocations at the highest level.

Here you can get to know our history better and convince yourself of our many years of experience.


Fuchs Relocations was founded in 1997 by the former badminton professional Hannes Fuchs and his trainer/coach, the qualified forwarding merchant, Heinrich Klimetschek.


In 2003, the first academy for removals is founded for the training of upcoming specialists


Fuchs Relocations agency is certified according to several quality systems.

Fuchs Relocations was born

Spedition Fuchs was founded in 1997 by the former badminton professional Hannes Fuchs and his trainer/coach, the qualified forwarding merchant, Heinrich Klimetschek. In the same year, H. Fuchs GesmbH becomes a member of the ÖMTV (Austrian Furniture Transport Association).

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The first steps

Right from the start, the two managing directors set the standards and laws of high-performance sports as the benchmark for the company. Therefore, already in the first years, extensive processes for quality assurance as well as the complete quality management up to the Total Quality Management are introduced.

As a result, Fuchs Relocations is also certified according to the following quality systems: ÖNORM EN ISO 9001:2015, as well as standard EN 12522 /1+2,                    EN 14873/ 1+2, ÖNORM-D-1000, FAIMPLUS. This makes Fuchs Relocations one of the first companies to have undergone these strict standards.

One big family

Social thought has been a top priority at Fuchs Relocations from the very beginning. This is also reflected in the employee-oriented and familiar corporate culture.

In order to financially support projects that foster orphans, children with serious illnesses and environmental protection, the company donates 3% of its profits to selected initiatives each year.

The social responsibility of the company is anchored in the value system of Fuchs Relocations. The management as well as all employees of the company are committed to act according to these values.

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Investment in the future

The founding of Austria’s first Furniture Forwarding Academy (FUCHS AKADEMIE) on April 8, 2003 is a commitment to training specialists with the highest quality. Since then, technical competence, soft skills and applied special training (for example, heavy transport, occupational safety) have been taught in courses held on a regular basis. Thus, the employees of Fuchs Relocations are provided with the most comprehensive training and education culture in the Austrian forwarding industry. 

One of the main objectives of these training courses, most of which are compulsory, is to raise awareness of the importance of maximum customer satisfaction and thus to regularly exceed our customers’ expectations. All 38 modules of the FUCHS AKADEMIE deal with the topic of customer satisfaction in the context of the respective training subject and thus contribute significantly to the positive relocation experience of our customers. 

Healthy growth

Already in the first years, both the customer base and the network of Fuchs Relocations are built up intensively. Today, the company can look back with pleasure on a regular customer share of 75% in its business. This gives us immense stability and allows it to invest resources in ensuring quality services. The annual turnover of Fuchs Relocations has averaged € 4 million in recent years.

Company relocations account for around 60% of the business volume. A further 6% is accounted for by warehousing business and 7% by private relocations. File archiving already accounts for 10% of the business volume, special transport for 10%, and art transport for 7%.

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Fit for the future

In 2019, Heinrich Klimetschek takes over 100% of the company shares and thus becomes the sole managing director and owner of Fuchs Relocations.

The time of the Corona pandemic is used to further advance the digitalization of the company and to adopt new innovations in moving logistics. For example, Japanese furniture protection blankets that can be used multiple times have been in use since the beginning of 2021. This significantly reduces the consumption of packaging material and lowers the environmental impact.

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